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Sola Singhi

Following text is reproduced from the Imperial Gazetteer of India 1908: 

"Sola Singhi (or Chintpurni) - Mountain range in Hoshiarpur District, forming the Eastern boundary of the Jaswan Dun. It commences at a point close to Talwara, on the Beas river, and runs in a south-eastward direction between the Districts of Hoshiarpur and Kangra. The range as it passes southwards increases steadily both in width and elevation, until it reaches its highest point at the small hill station of Bharwain, 18 miles from Hoshiarpur town on the Dharmshala road and 3,896 feet above the sea. At this point the ridge is 14 miles across. Thence it continues till it crosses the valley of the Sutlej, its northern slope sinking gradually into the Beas basin, while the southern escarpment consists in places of an abrupt cliff about 300 feet in height. The space between its central line and the level portion of the Jaswan Dun is occupied by a broad table-land, thickly clothed with forest, and intersected by precipitous ravines, which divide the surface into natural blocks. Another range of hills in Hoshiarpur District, which continues the line of the Sola Singhi and finally crosses into Bilaspur, terminates in the hill of Naina Devi, with its famous temple."

The temple devoted to Mata Chintpurni Devi is located on one of the highest peaks in the Sola Singhi range, about 3 km west of Bharwain, Una District, Himachal Pradesh.

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